Prime Time Nutrition - Santa Ana, CA

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Our main goal at Prime Time Nutrition is to change lives through our incredible nutrition and provide an opportunity for anyone and everyone to live an active lifestyle. YOU are what matters to Prime Time Nutrition and it is our privilege to serve you. That is why we have top Wellness Coaches that will assist and help you exceed all of your wellness goals.
We will personalize our wellness plans around your lifestyle. We can help you with. . .

Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Weight Management
Increase Your Energy Level
Increase Muscle
Better sleep

And more. . .

So, stop by the club and let us treat you to a delicious smoothie... FREE of charge for first time guests!


Prime Time Nutrition is an Herbalife Nutrition Club located off the 55 freeway in Santa Ana. Utilizing the power of motivation and information, we offer free nutrition classes, personalized wellness and weight management coaching, and fun group weight loss challenges.

A variety of delicious and healthy meal replacement shakes, energetic teas, and hydrating aloe shots are just a few of the incredible products we offer. Enjoy all this in a positive, fun and energetic atmosphere. Bring your laptop and enjoy our free Wi-Fi.

Make better health and energy your number one goal for yourself and your family today. We can help you achieve this goal by making available to you the premier, #1 weight-management, targeted nutrition and energy & fitness products in the world!